• The week of the 12th we will be holding parent teacher conferences via zoom. I will try to get as many as I can done on the 12th. If you cannot make the 12th or the spots are filled I will scheduale another date or time with you. I will also be offering late times for those who need them. Please le me know if you need a new time. 

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  • Please don't forget to use the signup genius to choose your time for our site word assesment on Friday. The list is on my teacher page.

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Kindergarten Parent Communication Sheet

  • In class we will be learning:


    This is where any important information will be listed.


    Reading: We will be working on reading skills and following procedures.

    Phonics/ word work: Our sight words for the week are By, and, be, and the letters for this week are L, I, T, and O. (assignments on seesaw). Now that we did a brief overview of the alpha bet we are going to work on breaking them down and learning about the vowels and consonants and working on writing the letters correctly. 


    Writing: We will plan, develop, revise, and share our writing.  We are practicing writing our names in different ways and practicing our pencil grip. This week we are writing about bats. The writing I need is where they tell me what they know and think about bats. This needs to be dated and writen in their journal. 


    Math: We are working on "joining". We are focusing on having the students understand and means add and Is asks them to write the total. We have worked on writing our number sentences ____ and ____ is ____ (assignments on seesaw or flipgrid).


    Social Studies: We are learning about neighborhoods and making our neighborhood. (assignments are on seesaw)


    Science: We are learning about magnets and what is and is not magnetic. (assignments are on seesaw)


    Music: We will learn about music and how to make it.


    ** Make sure to read each day and practice sight words each day.