2020-21 Registration

  • Aubrey ISD still does paper registration for new and returning students at the three elementary campuses (Brockett, Monaco and Fuller). Please contact elementary front offices for forms.

    Aubrey Middle School and Aubrey High School does online registration. Online registration for the 2020-21 year will open on Monday, July 20, 2020 at 8 a.m. on the ParentPortal Website.

    TxEIS and ParentPortal will be down for maintenance on Friday, July 25

    Online Registration for AMS and AHS students

    Families can register or verify their children by going to the ParentPortal website, starting Monday, July 20. Registration is for new and returning students to Aubrey ISD. There will be no in-person registration for the 2020-21 school year for the AMS and AHS campuses. You will not be able to access the registration information until Monday, July 20. 

    Families that are enrolling students that are new to the district (did not attend an Aubrey ISD school last year) will need to create a ParentPortal account on the ParentPortal website. Accounts can be created before July 20, but you will not be able to log in until Monday, July 20. You  will be asked to upload copies of  the parent/guardian’s photo identification card, student’s birth certificate, student’s social security card, proof of residency (current utility bill or a mortgage or lease statement) and immunization records. An email address is required for new accounts. After a parent/guardian has registered a new student, a ParentPortal login will be emailed to them. 

    Families that are verifying returning students will need to verify and update existing information and upload proof of residency (current utility bill or a mortgage or lease statement) for each student attending middle and high school campuses. You will not be able to verify information until after Monday, July 20.

    Important Tip:
    Parents of returning students, please do not enroll returning students as new students. If you do not see your student listed within Parent Portal, call your campus to get your ID number so your account can be linked to your student. 
    Anyone who enrolled their student as a new student, the system won't accept it if you are a returning student. You will receive an email asking you to complete registration as a returning student. 

    Families who do not remember their login, have never set up an account or need additional help with their account, please email your name, phone number, student’s name and campus to one of the following:

    Nishia Newton - nnewton@aubreyisd.net
    Nancy Knapp at AHS -nknapp@aubreyisd.net
    Jan Webb at AMS - jwebb@aubreyisd.net


    Click this link for the ParentPortal website

    Click this link for step-by-step directions for enrolling a new student to Aubrey ISD 

    Click this link for step-by-step instructions for verification of returning students

    Click this link for frequently asked questions