• Hola! 

    My name is Ms. De Anda, I am Aubrey's new Spanish 1 and 2 teacher this year. 

    As a first year teacher I am beyond excited to have my first set of students join me in a great adventure that is offered through a foreign language. I am also the new sponsor for the Spanish Club and cannot wait to see what fun and new activities are in store for all the students who care to join us for a few meetings. 

    I have one older brother, and two amazing parents who came from Mexico to give us a better future. I have the great pleasure of visiting our home in Mexico every summer with my family. During these trips I get to embrace the culture, language and of course the cuisine as well. Being able to travel not only to Mexico but Rome and Germany too has proven to me that being bilingual is a big key that opens bigger doors. 

    Fun fact: I am a proud Mexican but an even prouder Texan, as the year goes on you will hear me rant about how beautiul I think Texas is, sorry!  

    I cannot wait to meet you all and have a great year!