• Howdy!


    My name is Laura Delzer and I am an Aggie (class of 1998 and 2003).  I started teaching in 1998 and have been lucky enough to teach in tiny schools and large schools.  I really love the smaller schools and getting to know my students (and their siblings over the years!).  Aubrey is a gem and has a fantastic student body, faculty, and administration.  It is easy to see why people move to the district!


    I have three children and they go to Sanger schools.  I have 2 in High School and 1 in Elementary.  


    We love animals and have 4 cats, 1 super-large dog (that I joke is my 4th child), and 2 horses.


    I love teaching and I love kids and teens!   It is going to be a fabulous year and I am glad to have you in class.


    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ldelzer@aubreyisd.net