Blue, red and white banner with Aubrey ISD logo and the words Curriculum and Instruction
  • Aubrey ISD Mission:

    The mission of the Aubrey ISD Chaparral family is to inspire, nurture, and empower all students to realize their potential and to succeed in an ever-changing world.


    Aubrey ISD C & I Purpose:

    The purpose of the C & I department is to support teachers in providing quality instruction aligned to district philosophies. We work alongside teachers to provide responsive, world-class instruction to ALL students of AISD through coaching, professional learning, creative planning, and collaboration, keeping what is best for students in the forefront.


    Aubrey ISD C & I Beliefs:

    Curriculum and instruction should be:

    • developed using research and data.

    • aligned across-district, horizontally and vertically.

    • supportive of the state standards.

    • equitable for all students.

    • reflected upon for efficacy and revised for continuous improvement.