• Little Boys
    Parent Survey Results 2016

    The parent surveys were launched during the open house week for the elementary and middle school campuses and were available until May 5, 2015. During open house, parents were encouraged to go to the computer labs to complete the survey. All principals sent the link via bulk email to their parents. The district issued Facebook announcements, and the survey was featured on the district website. Within that time, we had 297 total responses, which is slightly lower than the 333 in 2015. Brockett Elementary had 52 responses, Monaco Elementary had 93 responses, Aubrey Middle School had 90 responses, and Aubrey High School had 39 total responses. Early Bird Learning Center had 23 responses.


    Parents (91%) were very satisfied or satisfied with their students’ preparation for the next level of education.  Parents were very complementary about teacher and education quality as well as friendliness of the staff. 

    Targeted areas of improvement at all campuses were in general communication, technology, and bus service which are areas of constant improvement and change.