Aubrey ISD serves the communities of Aubrey, Providence Village, Krugerville and Cross Roads in Denton County. Aubrey was a small rural district that was housed in one building for 20 years until the first elementary school was built in 1986. Today, Aubrey ISD has grown to over 3100 students spread over six campuses. There are three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The administration building, which also includes the daycare, are housed in the original Aubrey School, which was built in 1966.

    Aubrey ISD is expected to grow by 900-1,000 students in the next two years (2021 to 2023). The community passed a $51 million bond package in 2017 to support the growth. Construction projects in the bond project included additions to Brockett and Monaco Elementary, a new gym and weight room was built at Aubrey Middle School and Fuller Elementary opened in August of 2020. Construction on a new auditorium and band hall at the high school is the final project project of the bond package and is currently underway.  


  • Growth: Aubrey ISD is expected to grow by 900-1,000 students in the next two years

    Student Enrollment: Approximately 3,138 students

    Accountability: Aubrey ISD Received an "A" and a score of 90 on the latest accountability report. 

    Character: Brockett Elementary was named a Texas State School of Character in 2021, all three elementary schools were certified Promises Practice schools in 2021.

    Finances: Superior First

    Campuses: The district has one high school, one middle school, three elementary schools  and a daycare center

    Employees: Aubrey ISD employs approximately 300 people dedicated to the district's mission statement