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  • Welcome to Aubrey Middle School's Counseling Department

    The comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program in Texas public schools is an integral part of the total education program. It provides a systematic, planned approach for helping all students acquire and apply basic life skills by making optimal use of the special knowledge and skills of school counselors. The foundation of the program is to provide special assistance to those who need it.  


    To establish the Developmental Guidance Plan for the district and campuses, Aubrey ISD counselors rely upon the American School Counseling Association National Model and Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Program.


    The mission of the Aubrey I.S.D. Chaparral family is to INSPIRE, NURTURE, and EMPOWER all students to realize their potential and to succeed in an ever-changing world. 

    The Aubrey Middle School counseling department's mission statement supports the Aubrey ISD mission statement by supporting stakeholders through partnerships with students, staff, and community, where counselors will foster development of self-advocacy skills, personal-social-emotional wellness, and academic-career success in a compassionate and supportive environment with Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Loyalty, Service, and Excellence.


    The Aubrey Independent School District is dedicated to the belief that an effective program of Guidance and Counseling is an integral part of the total educational program of each student. These services assist all pupils directly or indirectly in making use of their abilities for their own development and for the good of our society. The guidance program is directed toward the personal, social, emotional, intellectual, career and aesthetic adjustment and growth of each student.



    The structure of the Aubrey Independent School District's Comprehensive School Guidance Program includes four components: Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Responsive Services and System Supports.

    GUIDANCE CURRICULUM: provided via a systematic process for all students

    PURPOSE: to help all students develop basic life skills.

    ADDRESSED AREAS: Academic , Career, and Social/Emotional

    ACTIVITIES: Self-confidence Development,  Motivation to Achieve, Decision-making, Goal-setting, Planning, and Problem-solving Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Communication Skills,, Cross-cultural Effectiveness, Responsible Behavior

    RESPONSIVE SERVICES: preventive & remedial services that address student’s immediate concerns. 

    PURPOSE: to intervene on behalf of those students whose immediate personal concerns or problems put their continued personal, social, career, and/or educational development at risk.

    ADDRESSED AREAS: Academic and Social/Emotional

    ACTIVITIES: (ACADEMIC) Absences & Truancy, Drop-out Prevention, Misconduct, School Avoidance and Tardys. (RELATIONSHIPS) Coping with Stress, Family Challenges, Harassment issues, Physical, sexual, emotional abuse as described in Texas Family Code and Substance Abuse

    INDIVIDUAL PLANNING: provided via a systematic process for all students

    PURPOSE: to Guide all students as they plan, monitor, and manage their own educational, career, and personal-social development.

    ADDRESSED AREAS: Academic and Career Development

    ACTIVITIES: Set challenging educational, career, and personal-social goals that are based on self-knowledge and information about school, the world of work, and their society; Make plans for achieving short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals; Analyze how their strengths and weaknesses enhance or hinder the achievement of their goals; Assess their current goal progress; and Make decisions that reflect their plans.

    SYSTEM SUPPORT: provides program and staff support activities & services.

    PURPOSE: to assist with services and management activities which indirectly benefit students.

    ADDRESSED AREAS: Guidance Program Development & Management

    ACTIVITIES: Community Outreach, Counselor Professional Development, School Improvement, Plan/Goal Setting, Staff Development for Educators and Teacher/Administrator Consultation.