Aubrey ISD Police Department

  • three police officers stand in front of police suv
    Scott Collins is the Chief of Police,  and responsible for the agency. He is the officer assigned to Aubrey High School.
    Officer King is assigned to Aubrey Middle School and Officer Elizalde is assigned as our Rover and traffic unit. She covers BES/MES/FES


  • Chief Collins receives award

    Aubrey ISD Chief of Police Scott Collins graduated from the Leadership Education Program at the National Command and Staff College on Friday, July 17, 2020, atthe St. Charles Parrish Sheriff’s Office in St. Charles, La. Chief Collins received the MAGNUS Leadership Award, given to the officer that demonstrates life-long learning, ongoing self-reflection, character development, consistency, motivation with valence and inspiration.

    Chief Collins was one of 31 law enforcement commanders that attended the class, which focused on leadership principals, strategies and tactics to identify emerging issues, and advanced hand-on tools, skills and knowledge necessary to anticipate and prepare for the future success.

    The program was a graduate-level hybrid class that contained 240 hours of online graduate-level instruction and an additional 80 hours of residency in St. Charles, La. Graduates read a total of seven books, wrote forty-eight essays, four case studies and one capstone project.