• Brockett Elementary has received numerous honors, including the National School of Character Award in 2016 for implemented the 11 principles of character to a level of excellence.

    The National School of Character Award  is a designation and honor that is awarded to schools across the United States that have implemented the 11 principles of character to a level of excellence. As stated by Character.org,“Character education embodies the idea that schools shouldn’t leave character to chance – a school of character does not simply provide academic knowledge to students, it intentionally emphasizes hard work and ethical behavior in academics, interpersonal relations, and community standards. In schools of character, adults embrace their critical role as models."

    Brockett has received the Texas State School award twice in school history, first in 2017 and most recently in 2021.

    Character.org awarded 326 Promising Practices across 29 states and 5 nations this year in 2016, and Brockett Elementary received the National Promising Practice Award for its Night of Giving. BES also received a Promising Practices award in 2020 for its Helping Hearts Workshop.