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    High School Vase Team 2005

    What a great group of talented students!!

    This year marks the 11th year of Aubrey’s participation in VASE (The Visual Arts Scholastic Event). The Vase Team consisted of veteran senior members Lily Owens, Brandon Tinder, and Sarah Vanderzell, junior Rubianna Lara, as well as sophomores David Monroe, Thomas Carter, Tiffany Gascogine, Bethany Hodge, Miranda Fyffe, and Brandon Marstellar. Freshmen Ashley Ortez and Kaitlin Vanderzell completed the team. Regional Competition was held on Saturday March 5th with over 1100 students entering. These schools range from 2-A to 5-A schools. This is one of the 20 regional events held over the state involving over 12,000 student entries. Only 10% percent are advanced to state and those are chosen from among the regional winners. Scores are based on the artworks themselves as well as a written and oral interview with a judge.

    Aubrey students brought home 11 Regional First Place medals this year including perfect scores from Sarah Vanderzell, Kaitlyn Vanderzell, and Brandon Marstellar. Two of the VASE members, Lily Owens (drawing) and Thomas Carter (sculpture) advanced to the State Competition at the University of Houston on April 16th where they attended workshops and competed for scholarships. Their portraits and sculptures are on display in the art display case in the High School. Thomas scored a “3” which is considered exceptional, and Lily was named All-State for the second year in a row. This places Lily in the top 6 percent of over 12,000 art student across the state. Lily is only the 3rd students from Aubrey to have been named All-State for two years.

    Lily plans a career in counseling and art therapy. Brandon Tinder will begin a major in architecture at UTA. The rest of the team will continue in drawing, painting and sculpture classes next year at our high school.

    Ashley Ortez, Freshman, Pencil Self-Portrait

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    Kaitlyn Vanderzell, Freshman, Pencil Self-Portrait
    1st Place REGIONAL WINNER VASE 2005

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    Brandon Marsteller, Sophmore, pencil Self-Portrait
    Regional VASE Winner 2005

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    Bethany Hodge, Sophomore, pencil Self-Portrait
    1st Place Reginal Winner VASE 2005

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    Thomas Carter, Sophomore
    1st Place Regional VASE 2005 Winner on self-portrait and clay teapot
    State Qualifier: Clay Teapot

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    Tiffany Gascogine, Sophomore, Pencil Self-Portrait
    VASE 2005 team, NCTC exhibit

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    David Monroe, Sophomore, Ceramic Vase
    1st Place Regional Winner VASE 2005

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    1st Place Regional Winner VASE 2005

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    Sarah Vanderzell, Senior
    Colored Pencil portrait 5 piece clay metamorphasis : American Resolution
    1st Place Regional Winner VASE 2005
    2nd Place Winner NCTC Senior Division

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    Miranda Fyffe, Sophomore, Ceramic Teapot
    Winner of the Sophomore Division NCTC Competition
    Best of Show for NCTC

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    Lily Owens, Senior
    NCTC Student Competition 2005
    Winner of the Senior Division Award , Gava Award, and Theme Award
    Daddy’s Gift ( Mr. Lovejoy)

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    Dr. Gilbert, Dean of arts and Sciences, Lily Owens, Scot Robinson Art Chairman

    Lily Owens, Senior,
    Colored Pencil : Music is A Gift
    1st Place Regional Winner VASE 2005
    All State Winner VASE 2005 in Houston

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    Brandon Tinder, Senior
    Acrylic Self-Portrait
    1st Place Regional
    VASE Winner, 2005
    3rd Place Senior Division

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    These are some of the things we do in our art classes.
    Like posing for our figure drawing class--“Thanks Colin.”

    Drawing by Sarah Vanderzell

    vase pic 16 vase pic 16a

    Finger print portrait by Kaylee Blevins
    vase pic 17 vase pic 17a

    Pen and Ink drawing: Cicada Shell
    Lily Owens
    vase pic 18

    Sarah Vanderzell
    vase pic 19

    Charcoal and conte by Brandon Tinder
    The Denton Court House
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    …..and we have FUN together like going to STATE!!!

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