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2021 Aubrey Football Home Game Procedures

  • We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming football game at Chaparral Stadium. We would like to provide you with information that will make your game day experience run smoothly. Please read over the following information and contact us at 940-668-3900 with any questions

    Parking - Please see attached map for home parking. Home fans are asked to park in the parking lots directly in front of the athletic complex and to the west side. There is accessibility parking located directly in front of the athletic complex and along the west side. Visitor parking is on the east side of the athletic complex in front of the visitor’s gate.

    Ticket SalesTickets for Aubrey will be sold at the west/home gate. All sales are cash only and will only be sold on game days. 

    The ticket prices will be $5 for adults and $3 for students.

    There will be no re-entry without approval from the administrator on duty. 

    Staff, district and senior citizen passes will be accepted at home games. 

    Home Stands - Home fans will sit in the stands on the west side of the stadium. We ask that home fans refrain from crossing to the visiting side for any reason. Custodians will be disinfecting handrails and high traffic areas during games, including restrooms.

    We ask that at the conclusion of the game, spectators exit the stadium and refrain from congregating together in the parking lot.

    Locker room - Locker rooms will open 2 hours before game time. Please see attached map for location. Locker rooms will be disinfected before and after the competition. The field house will only be used by game night athletes and officials only. Officials will use the visitor dressing room and access it  through the exterior door. 

    Restrooms/Concessions - Restrooms for home fans are located on the home (west) side of the athletic complex. Concessions are located underneath the home stands. 

    Sideline/ Home Press Box Access - Sideline access will be limited to persons having an official role. 

    Media should register with Amy Ruggini, aruggini@aubreyisd.net to access the media box.

    Pre-Game Timeline – The following timeline will be followed for all games at Chaparral Field. 

    7:20  pm – Visitor’s Alma Mater

    7:20 pm Home Team Alma Mater

    7:25  pm – Teams on Field

    7:28 pm – Coin Toss, Prayer, and National Anthem