Meet the Teacher general class information--any supplies required for all my classes will be provided by me or Aubrey ISD. Feel free to send any community supplies (tissues, hand sanitizer, wipes, etc.) if you would like, but they are not required.
    Hello! My name is Edgar Jackson, and this is my sixteenth year in the Aubrey school district. I spent 2006-2010 working in the technology department for Aubrey ISD and teaching third through fifth graders the basics of technology applications, and I spent 2010-2012 at the high school teaching Principles of Information Technology. I am now in my tenth year as the UIL Academics Coordinator and a Professional Communications teacher, my ninth year as the Academic Decathlon Coordinator, and my second year to teach the Computer Maintenance course.
    I grew up in Houston and came to Denton to attend the Texas Academy of Math and Science @ the University of North Texas in 1995. I later received my Bachelor's degree in General Studies from UNT and completed my Master's Degree in Education in May 2010 from the University of Phoenix.
    I live in the Aubrey area with my wife Nanya, my sons Jacob, Elijah, Gabriel, Isaiah, Joshua, my daughter Ariana, and our dog Bailey. I love spending time with my family/friends/church family, watching the Dallas Cowboys, eating great food, watching cheesy movies, playing trivia, gaming, and playing around with all of my electronics at home. I am, indeed, a geek, and I enjoy sharing ideas and stories with other geeks (and sometimes non-geeks).
    I hope you learned a bit more about me than you already knew, and I look forward to getting to know you, too. Let's make it happen this year!