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Aubrey High School Announces Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Aubrey High School has named Alicia Brand as valedictorian and Anahi Garcia as salutatorian for the Class of 2021.

The valedictorian is the senior with the highest cumulative grade point average. The salutatorian is the senior with the second-highestAlicia Brand (left) and Anahi Garcia (right) in their senior photos cumulative GPA.

“Alicia and Anahi are excellent ambassadors for the type of students we have in Aubrey ISD,” Aubrey ISD Superintendent Dr. David Belding said. “Obviously, both are driven to achieve at the highest levels in their academics. They also pushed themselves to be highly involved in many activities at Aubrey High School. They are excellent role models and people that exhibit the characteristics contained in the Aubrey ISD Portrait of a Graduate. We are very proud of them and know they will go into the world fully prepared to make a positive difference for others.” 

“We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of these two young ladies,” Aubrey High School principal Matt Gore said. “Both Alicia and Anahi are exemplars of our core values, and are world class individuals.”

Alicia Brand is the daughter of Melinda and Larry Brand. She has earned the distinction of valedictorian for the AHS Class of 2021 and plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in neuroscience or biology.

Anahi Garcia is the daughter of Angelica and Luis Garcia and is the senior class salutatorian and plans to attend Texas Woman’s University and major in psychology.  

Alicia and Anahi have been friends since kindergarten. As they entered high school and had more classes together, they became even closer. The two friends were always working hard at school, but they were never competing against one another.

“You want to root for your friends,” Alicia said.

“We have always had a strong bond,” Anahi said about Alicia.

Both students had always done well in school but didn’t realize how well until rankings were posted after their freshman year.   

“It was never a goal of mine,” Alicia said about being valedictorian. “I always wanted to get good grades in school, of course, but it wasn’t until the end of freshman year and they posted our rankings and I realized I was first in my class. I never thought I would be first in my class. Since I found out then, I decided to make sure I kept my grades up to keep that.”

Anahi said she was excited when she saw the initial rankings her freshman year and saw how high she was.

“I kept the mentality of, ‘keep doing what you are doing’,” said Anahi. “It worked out for me.”

Alicia and Anahi share classes together, but they each have different subjects and classes that they enjoy and thrive in.

It wasn’t until high school that Alicia realized how much she enjoyed science.

“For some reason, in middle school I always told myself I was bad at science,” Alicia said.  “Once I got into Mrs. Wimbrough’s class, I realized I had a passion for it and I was good at it. Her teaching style helped me realize that. I like to be in classes that challenge me versus something that would come easy. Even though science comes easy for me, the content is what makes it hard.”

Alicia’s goal is to become a surgeon, and she has committed to UT Austin.

Alicia has been involved in Beta Club, National Honor Society, FCCLA and cheerleading at AHS. She credits cheerleading to helping her grow in a lot of different ways.

“It taught me how to motivate myself,” Alicia said. “It’s a team sport but if you don’t have the necessary skills then you are not providing anything to help your team. Being in cheer made me motivate myself to learn how to do things outside of practices.”

Anahi says her strong subjects are math and English.

“I love writing papers,” Anahi said. “My geometry class with Mr. Lortz was fun. You don’t realize how easy it can be when you understand it.”

TWU was always the school of choice for Anahi. Her sisters went there and being close to home was important to her. Anahi’s plan is to stay on at TWU to get her master’s degree and then a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

At AHS, Anahi has been involved with Beta Club, National Honor Society and FCCLA. She served as an officer this year for FCCLA and played the alto sax in the band for three years.

Alicia and Anahi and the rest of the Class of 2021 will receive their diplomas at graduation on Tuesday, May 25 at the Denton ISD’s C.H. Collins Athletic Complex at 8 p.m.