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Online Registration for Aubrey ISD Students Opens on June 7

parent Portal websiteOnline registration for Aubrey ISD students for the upcoming school year opens Monday, June 7. Families can register and verify their children’s information by going to the ParentPortal website. 

Registration is for new and returning students to Aubrey ISD. There will be no in-person registration for the 2021-22 school year. Online registration is for students entering first grade through 12th grade. Registration opens on June 7, and families may begin registering and verifying their students over the next few weeks. Staff is limited at the front offices and your patience is appreciated. 

Registration for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten will be virtual and can be started by filling out a Google Doc. Please click this link to learn about pre-K and kindergarten registration.

If your child was a previous student at Aubrey ISD but was not a student during the 2020-2021 school year, please contact the campus before you enroll your student.

If your child is returning to Aubrey ISD, please do not register your child as a new student. Please contact your campus front office for assistance if you do not see your child's name when you login. 

If a parent has a senior that graduated this past May, your child's information is still visible. Our school information system has not rolled over yet so please ignore the resumed registration message for your graduated senior. 

Since the student information system has not rolled over yet, your student's grade level is listed from the 2020-21 school year. This will not affect the registration for this year. 

Using a laptop or desktop to register is preferrable. Families may run into issues when trying to upload documents with a phone. 

Families that are enrolling students that are new to the district (students who have not attended Aubrey ISD) will need to create a ParentPortal account on the ParentPortal website. They will be asked to upload copies of  the parent/guardian’s photo identification card, student’s birth certificate, student’s social security card, proof of residency (current utility bill or a mortgage or lease statement) and immunization records. An email address is required for new accounts. After a parent/guardian has registered a new student, a ParentPortal login will be emailed to them. 

Families that are registering/verifying returning students will need to verify and update existing information and upload proof of residency (current utility bill or a mortgage or lease statement) for each student. Families who do not remember their login, have never set up an account or need additional help with their account, please email your name, phone number, student’s name and campus to one of the following:

Nishia Newton at Admin/Fuller -

Nancy Knapp at AHS

Jan Webb at AMS -

Tera Murphy at Brockett -

Carla Hammond at Monaco -


Click this link for the ParentPortal website

Click this link for all Getting Started at Aubrey ISD information (attendance zones, transfer information)

Click this link for step-by-step directions for enrolling a new student to Aubrey ISD 

Click this link for step-by-step instructions for verification of returning students

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