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Aubrey ISD Board Surprises Staff With Longevity Stipends

The Aubrey ISD Board of Trustees surprised the entire Aubrey ISD staff at convocation with longevity stipends on Wednesday, Aug. 10. The stipends ranged from $500 to $2,000, dependent on years of service to Aubrey ISD. 

“Our Board of Trustees challenged me to think of a creative way to reward our staff for serving our children in Aubrey,” Aubrey ISDstaff in blue shirts stand around Aubrey A logo in gym Superintendent Dr. David Belding said. “The Board acknowledges how hard our teachers and staff have worked, especially the past couple of years due to the Pandemic. They made it a priority to express their appreciation in a tangible way. To be able to provide the staff these stipends was so rewarding. Our educators are fully committed to serving children and this action by our Board of Trustees sends a strong message that our teachers and staff are appreciated.” 

New staff and those employees with less than one full year of service to the district received a check for $500. Staff with one to 4.99 years of service to Aubrey ISD received $1,000, staff with five to 9.99 years of experience at Aubrey ISD received $1,250 and staff members with 10 to 14.99 years of service received $1,500. Forty-one staff members with 15 or more years of service at Aubrey ISD received a check for $2,000.

“When Dr. Belding announced the longevity stipend surprise from the school board, I was overwhelmed with emotions,” Fuller Elementary teacher Rose Hill said. “As an experienced educator that is new to Aubrey ISD, it further reiterated Dr. Belding's theme for the academic year: #InspiringHope. It reassured me that I made the right decision to share my talents with my colleagues and the families in this rapidly growing community." 

Towards the end of the convocation that was held in the new Aubrey High School auditorium, Dr. Belding asked the seven board members to come on stage. He then asked that staff members who were new to Aubrey this year stand up. Board president Jim Milacek announced that all new staff members and those with less than one year of total service to Aubrey were receiving a check for $500 as a thank you for choosing to work at Aubrey ISD. 

Following a round of applause and cheers, Dr. Belding then asked staff members who had one to 4.99 years of experience to stand, and Mr. Milacek announced that these returning staff members would receive a check for $1,000. Staff members with five to 9.99 years, 10 to 14.99 years and 15 years or more were all asked to stand and a slide showing their stipend amount posted on the screen on stage. 

“As a long-time employee of the District, this is one of the most amazing signs of appreciation they have ever given,” AHS agricultural science teacher Jennifer Gilbreath said. “Raises and incentives are always welcomed, but the time and thoughtfulness they took to make sure they gave to each employee is special. Aubrey ISD is an amazing district to be a part of, everyone cares for each other and it shows. Not only are we appreciated, but we are also inspired to do our very best each and every day.”