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Letter from Dr. Belding Regarding School Starting on August 17th

Dear Aubrey ISD families,

I hope this email finds you well.  

District administrators have worked diligently throughout the summer to create Aubrey ISD’s “Return to Learn 2020” plan that Aubrey Chaparral primary logo will start in just a couple of weeks. I am so appreciative of the work done by so many people to help us create our protocols. Our teacher committees and parent steering committee provided invaluable input every step of the way. We thank them for helping us craft the best plans possible to protect the experience of school while complying with Texas Education Agency (TEA) guidelines.  

As we have gotten closer to the beginning of school, guidance continues to change. We published our “Return to Learn 2020” plan a little over a week ago, and we have already received changes to TEA guidance. I ask for your continued flexibility and understanding that changes will continue to occur.

The District has affirmed a start date of August 17th for our school year. We will now offer three options for parents:  1) three-week remote learning to begin the school year (Dates:  August 17 - September 4 with a return to campus on September 8th, 2)  remote learning with a commitment through the first nine-week grading period, and 3)  on-campus learning with safety protocols.  

The new three-week remote learning option will allow families and the district to continue to monitor the progression of cases in our county.  This time frame aligns with the Denton County Public Health guidance. This option also helps lower the number of students on campus giving our staff a lower ratio of in-person students to initially implement the safety and health protocols in our plan. We will train our entire staff on the protocols during staff development and will practice. By phasing in face-to-face learners, this allows those procedures to be refined during those three weeks thus helping processes be much smoother.  

The District fully understands that many families need their children at school due to work obligations of parents. Therefore, we decided to offer families the choice that best fit their situation. That is why on-campus learning will be offered beginning the first day of school and a shorter distance-learning plan is now being offered. As a family, if you can volunteer to have your child engage in the three-week distance learning plan thus helping the district phase in on-campus learning, this would be helpful.  

If you have already made your selection on the learning plan for your child and wish to switch to the new option of the shorter-term distance learning, please email your child’s principal. Their email addresses are listed below. If you have not made your selection, please go to the link and complete the form to inform us what your plan is for your child.

We appreciate you and your support. These are certainly challenging times for everyone and we stand ready to make the 2020-2021 school year an exceptional experience for our students!  Working together, we can help our kids have a successful year. 


Dr. Belding


Click here for the Return to Learn 2020 Commitment Form  


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