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AMS Designated a No Place for Hate School

Aubrey Middle School was designated a No Place for Hate campus for the third year in a row. Over the course of the school year, student ambassadors led the student body through three school-wide anti-bias or bullying prevention activities.

No Place for Hate campus coordinator Kylie Roos had to get a little creative this school year with the activities. Discussions are a big part ofsix students hang up a banner the initiative, and since students couldn’t meet in large groups, she had groups of two or three that would gather to talk about issues.

“I think the discussions were the most important part,” Coach Roos said. “I think my favorite part was being able to have the kids talk about things that did not impact them directly.”

AMS held a Unity Day on October 21 where school colors changed to orange for the day. Staff and students were asked to wear orange to show unity against bullying.

During Days of Remembrance, students discussed the Holocaust and cut out paper leaves that were added to the Tree of Respect, a paper tree added to the hallway wall. Students wrote one way they could commit to showing respect for others on each leaf.

 Students also brought awareness to cyberbullying. Each student wrote a statement that reflected their values regarding conduct toward others online and it was added to a collage on the hallway.

According Anti-Defamation League’s website, No Place for Hate is a self-directed program aimed at helping all of the stakeholders take the lead on improving and maintaining school climate so all students can thrive. Schools must complete a number of components, including those three activities, in order to receive a No Place for Hate banner.