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All Three Elementary Schools Certified as Promising Practice Schools

All three Aubrey ISD elementary schools were certified as Promising Practice Schools from HL Brockett Elementary, Jackie Fuller Elementary and James A. Monaco Elementary were among 170 schools across the country in 2021 to receive the recognition that fosters character development in children and teens. certified 170 Promising Practices in schools and organizations across the country and 19 in the state of Texas.  This year’sA classroom wall filled with classroom projects with the title "Black History Month is out of this world" character development practices and initiatives included peer mentoring, service-learning, and conflict resolution approaches, according to the press release. Many of the Promising Practices also involve parents and the local community.

Brockett Elementary

Brockett Elementary’s Character Parade held during Red Ribbon Week was selected as the school's 2021 Promising Practice.

“Brockett Elementary is committed to infusing character throughout the school experience for our students,” Brockett Principal Courtney Siggers said. “Every year, we have the Character Parade during Red Ribbon Week, so why not add character traits to it?  Our students had so much fun with this and could even pinpoint the character traits the characters symbolized!”

The Character Parade is a highlight every year at Brockett. Each year, teachers choose books and their classroom dresses up as characters from those books and parade through the hallways. This past year, teachers were asked to choose a book and select a theme of their choice about the character trait that the book supports. Students in grades 3-5 were able to choose their own books. One teacher chose the book "How the Crayons Saved a Rainbow" and the character trait was teamwork. Students dressed up as crayons and held teamwork signs.

Monaco Elementary

Monaco Elementary’s Catching CHAPS practice was selected as the activity that demonstrated significant impact and was fully aligned with one or more of’s 11 Principles Framework for Schools: A Guide to Cultivating a Culture of Character. 

During Monaco’s morning announcements, students and staff were celebrated for exhibiting the monthly character trait, chosen from Aubrey ISD’s family values of integrity, compassion, service, respect, loyalty, and excellence. Students and staff could nominate their peers for noticing the monthly family value and filling out a Catching CHAPs form.

“The Aubrey family values are taught during monthly guidance lessons in the classroom,” Monaco Principal Barbara Pitt said. “Throughout the school year, students are nominated for the value they are exhibiting in the classroom, hallways, or on the playground.  It is our way of celebrating our students at Monaco.”

Fuller Elementary

Fuller Elementary was excited to be selected in its first year since opening its doors as a school in August of 2020.

Fuller’s recognized program was the Full of Pride: Black History Gallery and Family Showcase which was a home and school practice that embraced the school’s diversity and encompassed compassion. 

Fuller Principal Kari Abrams sent out her monthly family newsletter requesting community feedback prior to Black History Month. The feedback resulted in a month of research, exploration, student-made projects and family and community involvement.

“Families were invited to share video readings of books and share their heritage with us,” Fuller guidance counselor Tabitha Hellman said. “At school, teachers gave students choices about whom they wanted to highlight. Student projects were created and displayed in windows and throughout the hallways. Our virtual morning announcements were filled with influential people from the past and the present. To culminate the gallery, 5th grade students created a video where they reported from every classroom which influential person the class chose and the projects that went along with it. The student work and videos were shared via our school newsletter and social media outlets to share and celebrate the amazing work of our students, staff, and families.”

Schools of Character

Brockett was named a Texas State School of Character earlier this year and was a National School of Character in 2016.  This is the fourth time that they have received the Promising Practices recognition. Monaco and Fuller both received the award for the first time.

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