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Sisters Named AHS Band Drum Majors for the 2021-22 School Year

When the Aubrey High School Marching Band performs on the football field for the first time in the fall, spectators in the stands may think they are seeing double when they see the two students conducting on their podiums. They are not seeing double, but they are seeing sister drum majors.

two sisters stand in front of red trailerKaegan and Ashlynn Reynolds were selected as the AHS marching band drum majors for the 2021-22 school year. With their close bond, the Reynolds sisters are hoping to lead the band program to a successful year while still making it a fun environment for everyone involved.

Siblings are common in marching band. The AHS band program has several pairs of siblings, but drum major sisters are a little unusual. 

“I really don't think that I have seen it before,” Aubrey ISD Band Director Jason Noyes said. “In my 17 years of teaching, I have never had sibling drum majors. It certainly is going to be a special year.”

What exactly is a drum major?

“The drum majors are the connection between all of the students and the student leaders and the band directors,” Kaegan Reynolds said.

Kaegan is the older sister who will be a senior in the fall. She has played flute and piccolo the last three years in marching band.

“A lot of responsibility falls on the drum majors,” Ashlynn Reynolds said.

Ashlynn is 22 months younger than her sister and two inches taller. She plays the trombone and will be a junior this upcoming year.

Don’t expect any sibling rivalry. The sisters are close and call the bond between them “unbreakable.”

“I think our relationship is like none other,” Ashlynn said. “I love Kaegan so much.”

“We are really good friends,” concurs Kaegan.

The two only shared one class the past school year, but could always be spotted together in the AHS hallways. The two admit to the occasional disagreement.

“Of course, we are sisters so we fight,” Ashlynn said.

“We are really good at communicating and understanding each other which I think will make us good co-workers,” Kaegan said. “We are going to be on the same page. If we have different ideas, we will probably compromise. She has drum major experience, but I have leadership experience. We can take the best of both worlds.”

band student plays flute in blue band outfit at nightThe journey to the two becoming co-drum majors began with the younger sister encouraging the older sister. As a sophomore last year, Ashlynn served as the third drum major along with seniors Erin Lim and Avery Pantazis. 

Ashlynn had been cheering on Kaegan to audition for the past year and the two started practicing conducting, which is one of the duties of the drum major.

“Drum major was always a goal for me,” Kaegan said. “I really liked marching, and I really wanted to march. So, I marched for three years and then I tried out for drum major for my senior year.”

Anyone in the band program can audition for drum major, which took place this past April. The audition consisted of four parts: a conducting portion, a marching portion, a teaching section and an interview.

Kaegan and Ashlynn talked about the possibility of just one of them being chosen as drum major, but it was good news for the Reynolds family. Following the auditions, Mr. Noyes announced that Kaegan and Ashlynn would serve as co-drum majors.    

“I told them that it will have some challenges for sure, but one of the upsides to having the both of them related is their communication skills between the two of them and it will be a huge advantage,” Mr. Noyes said. “I am really looking forward to having Ashlynn and Kaegan lead our band program this year.”

The sisters’ enthusiasm for the band program is contagious.

“I think a lot of it is dedication,” Kaegan said about why she thinks she was selected as drum major. “We have both made all-region. We both made area. It’s really our commitment and our time.”

“I think it is our outgoing personalities,” Ashlynn said. “We both love to meet new people and love to help out. That’s our nature. We really love being involved and so we are willing to put ourselves out there. We want to have fun and enjoy it.”

The two have started planning for the upcoming school year and are getting ready for a series of band camps, starting in July. They would like to add on some fun group activities so the band members can still bond and have fun outside of rehearsal.

 “We are trying to work on building that bigger foundation within that student leader team,” Ashlynn said. “We want to build on having the students lead the band.”

 “What is so cool is that in the future we will be able to say, ‘I was drum major with my sister,’ ” Kaegan said.