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AHS Announces Honorees at 2020-21 Virtual Academic Awards Ceremony

Aubrey ISD is proud to announce the honorees from this year’s Academic Awards Ceremony. The administrators and teachers at Aubrey High School would like to recognize their students that have excelled in bringing the District’s Mission and Vision to life. 

Each AHS teacher selected a student from each of their subjects that best represented the core values that have been set forth by our District’s strategic plan:  Integrity, Compassion, Service, Respect, Loyalty, and Excellence. 

The top 10 students in the current sophomore and junior classes were also recognized. 

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2020-21 Academic Awards honorees

Allie Adams - Journalism (Mrs. Ballew)

Joseph Allen - AP Calculus (Mr. Lortz)

Luke Applin - Spanish I (Mr. Sanchez)

Sarah Auer - AP English (Ms. Dooley)

Nancy Barrientos - Fashion Design (Mrs. Mcllravy)

Alicia Brand - AP Spanish IV (Mr. Teel)

Abigail Brand - English II (Ms. Williams)

Alexa Brockett - Social Studies (Mrs. Stout)

Semahj Brown - Algebraic Reasoning (Mr. McNabb)

Val Burridge - Pre-Calculus (Mrs. Bass)

Brody Burton - Technical Theatre I-IV (Mrs. Kennedy)

Taryn Byrnes - Geometry (Mr. Lortz)

Lucas Copeland - Spanish I (Mrs. Krol)

Jacob Coppedge - Geometry (Mrs. Bass)

Broderick Cross - Economics (Kyle Smith)

Mallory Davenport - World Geography (Mr. Ranton)

Sarah Davis - Chemistry (Mrs. Trent)

Will Dawson - Environmental Systems (Mrs. Haas)

Allison DeLeon - AP Art (Mr. Scott)

Allison DeLeon - College Ready Math (Mrs. Bass)

Aubrey Eisley - English IV (Ms. Williams)

Aubrey Eisley - Government (Ms. Williams)

Lexi Emery - Spanish II (Mr. Sanchez)

Lexie Ermey - Remote PAP Biology (Ms. Langford)

Katherine Fetters - World History (Mr. Spaulding)

Jacqueline Flores - Choir (Mr. Clayton)

Samantha Frederick - Math Models (Mrs. Michael)

Mariah Garcia - Student Council (Ms. Harris)

Justin Gibby - Ag Facilities and Design Fabrication (Mr. Yarbrough)

Maxwell Griffin - English II (Mrs. McGee)

Colton Guernsey - Earth and Space Science (Mrs. Haas)

Kennedy Hardin - AV Production (Mrs. Ballew)

Colby Hendricks - World History (Mrs. Stout)

Johnathan Hernandez - English as a Second Language (Ms. Samanie)

Heather Hough - Principles of Education (Mrs. Mcllravy)

Heather Hough - Ag Mechanics and Metal Technologies (Mr. Yarbrough)

Jonathan Householder - Spanish III (Mr. Teel)

Emily Huffmire - PAP Physics (Mr. Bohannon)

Sadie Huffmire - Biology (Mrs. Trent)

Rachel Huschke - Chemistry (Mr. Mooney)

Matthew Jackson - English I (Mrs. Bradford)

Colton Jennings - Ag Equipment and Design Fabrication (Mr. Yarbrough)

Marlie Keltner - Resource Math (Mr. Moffitt)

Cavan Keown - Government (Mr. Perkins)

Carlyssa Keown - English (Mr. Ladner)

Shannon Kirk - Livestock Production (Mr. Yarbrough)

Pieter Koeman - Concert Band (Mr. Noyes)

Rosie Kuepers - Yearbook (Mrs. Ballew)

Ryan Leyba - US History (Mr. Perkins)

Erin Lim - Symphonic Band (Mr. Noyes)

Mayson Lim - PAP English II (Ms. Williams)

Skylar Lomas - Advanced Animal Science (Mr. Yarbrough)

Laney Lomas - Health Education (Mr. Gathright)

Abbigail McKeehen - PAP English II (Ms. Dooley)

Abbigail McKeehen - Principles of Audio/Video (Mrs. Ballew)

Abbigail McKeehen - Art II (Mr. Scott)

Caleb McWhorter - PAP Biology (Mrs. Wimbrough)

Cody Meche - Landscape Design (Mrs. Gilbreath)

Francisco Morales - AP Environmental Systems (Ms. Harris)

Joy Okafor - Musical Theatre (Maegan Kennedy)

Joy Okafor - Algebra 2 PreAP (Mrs. Cabrales)

Hanna Oringderff - Biology (Ms. Harris)

Jacob Palladino - Theatre Arts I-IV (Mrs. Kennedy)

Watson Polk - Video Game Coding (Mr. Jackson)

Emily Pond - Professional Communications (Mr. Jackson)

Summer Ramsey - Statistics (Mr. McNabb)

Kaegan Reynolds - AP US History (Mr. Brown)

Ashlynn Reynolds - AP Human Geography (Mr. Brown)

Ashlynn Reynolds - PAP Geometry (Mr. Lortz)

Grady Robins - Art I (Mr. Scott)

Lulu Robinson - English II (Ms. Dooley)

Tanner Robinson - Professional Communications (Mrs. Ballew)

Tanner Robinson - Physical Education (Mr. Smith)

Priscila Romero - Integrated Physics and Chemistry (Mrs. Trent)

Xander Rouk - PAP Chemistry (Mr. Mooney)

Xander Rouk - Percussion (Mr. Choe)

Kayden Ruiz - Physical Education (Mr. Spaulding)

Allie Sanders - Criminal Justice (Mr. Siano)

Jaden Schmidt - Algebra 2 (Mrs. Cabrales)

Libby Stallings - Advanced Floral Design (Mrs. Gilbreath)

Libby Stallings - English IV (Mrs. McGee) 

Camden Stephenson - Pap English I (Mrs. Bradford)

Abigail Szczesny - Principles of Health Science (Mr. Walterscheid)

Lexi Temple - AP Chemistry (Mr. Mooney)

Faith Tepfer - Algebra I (Mr. McNabb)

Jacob Tidwell - Computer Maintenance (Mr. Jackson)

Abby Townsend  Money Matters (Mrs. Mcllravy)

Abbygale Townsend - College Readiness (Mrs. Cabrales)

Luke Travascio - Algebra I (Mrs. Michael)

Raelee Wales - Professional Communications (Mrs. McIIravy)

Abigail Wasserleben - Med Micro and Pathophysiology (Mrs. Wimbrough)

Pierce Weaver - Floral Design (Mrs. Gilbreath)

Liz Wieland - Guard (Ms. Garcia)

Logan Wright - Anatomy and Physiology (Mrs. Wimbrough)

Marlene Zamudio Yanez - Human Growth and Development (Mrs. Mcllravy) 


Top 10 Recognition (Junior Class)

Ethan Carter

Joseph Gonzalez

Heather Hough

Savannah Jennings

Liberty Laney

Peyton Nguyen

Kaegan Reynolds

Rileigh Walsh

Pierce Weaver

Logan Wright


Top 10 Recognition (Junior Class)

Bryson Bohannon

Bailey Clouse

Nicholas Foster

Mayson Lim

Ashlynn Reynolds

Xander Rouk

Hannah Smith

Jaxson Southard

Abigail Szczesny

Daniel Warren