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October 30th Will Be Designated a Student Holiday and a Teacher/Staff Work Day

Dear Parents,

As we continue to progress deeper into the school year, I want to express my appreciation to each of you for your support, perseverance, and flexibility. This year continues to be different and by working together we have been able to effectively navigate the challenges.  

As you have no doubt have witnessed, everyone- students, families, and staff are doing more in this time frame to engage with school. We know that everyone is working very hard.  

As we have asked our teachers and staff what they need, one common theme continues to surface: time. Our teachers and staff have worked to implement a wide range of new processes which continue to evolve as new guidance is given from the experts. This is a huge undertaking and is taking an extremely large amount of time. We know students are adjusting and we remain committed to do our very best to serve them whether in a distance format or face to face.

In order to provide support for our teachers and staff with the commodity of time, we are going to designate Friday, October 30, 2020 as a teacher/staff work day and student holiday. Our instructional calendar was built with flexibility in mind and we have “banked” additional instructional minutes over the state required minimum. We will use some of those minutes to flex October 30, 2020 as a student holiday/teacher work day. This will not impact the bad weather make-up or COVID make-up days scheduled later in the year. 

All UIL activities will proceed as scheduled on this day, but students Pre-K through 12 will have a holiday. We know that changing the calendar is not something to take lightly; therefore, we wanted to give families a few weeks notice so they could make arrangements.  

Thank you for your support and continued cooperation as we all work to ensure a successful school experience for students and staff.



Dr. Belding