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Aubrey ISD Receives an 89 on Academic Accountability System 

The Aubrey Independent School District received an overall district rating of a B with a score of 89 on the Texas Education Agency’s academic accountability system. Due to Covid, this is the first time that schools have been rated by the state since 2019.

“I am very proud of the hard work and dedication by our students and staff to achieve an 89,” Aubrey ISD Superintendent Dr. David BeldingChaparral head logo said.  “While we won’t be satisfied until Aubrey ISD is rated an A, we know all the challenges our teachers and students experienced over the last two years due to COVID, rapid historic enrollment growth, and a switch to full online testing for grades 3 through high school.”

The accountability ratings are broken into three domains: Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing the Gaps. Aubrey ISD received a score of 90 (A) for Student Achievement, a score of 85 (B) under School Progress and an 87 (B) for Closing the Gap. 

Four of Aubrey ISD’s five schools received a B rating. Aubrey High School received a score of 87, and Brockett Elementary received a 86. Monaco Elementary received an 85, while Fuller reported an 82. Aubrey Middle School received a C rating with a score of 79.  

“Overall, our students and teachers performed admirably, and I am excited to see our student achievement continue to grow in the coming school years,” Dr. Belding said. “We know STAAR is just one measure of the achievement of our students and we are committed as a school community to ensure our children receive a world-class education and experience.” 

The TEA implemented this iteration of the state accountability system in 2018 in response to the State Legislature and the Governor passing HB22 in the 85th Legislative Session. The new accountability system heavily relies on STAAR and STAAR End of Course testing to rate schools and districts with new labels of A, B, C, D, and F.

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