House Bill 1041 Letter

Dear Parents,

I am so excited to be back at Brockett!  It is hard to believe that April is here, which means we are on the downhill slide to summer!

I have enjoyed visiting all the classrooms and teaching about our Character program.  I believe the students are learning some valuable information!

In February, my lessons in the classroom will change slightly. In House Bill 1041 each district is required to adopt and implement a policy addressing sexual abuse of children.  The bill specifies that the policy address methods for increasing student awareness regarding this issue.

At Brockett Elementary, we purchased the Child Lures program as well a a child friendly book.  As I rotate through the classrooms, I will be sharing basic information on personal safety, the right to say NO, and who are trusted people on our campus and at home if they need to report improper touching. I will also talk about internet and computer safety. Please be assured that I use sensitivity and reserve while teaching these lessons in an age appropriate manner.

If you have any questions or concerns, would like to preview the book or ask that your child to opt out of this lesson, please feel free to contact me!

Tina Milacek

Brockett Elementary



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The following are the items I will use for these lessons:          

K -1

Your Body Belongs to You    by Cornelia Spelman


Child Lures Power Point (on the Brockett Counselor Website) 

Tina Milacek
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