Monaco Elementary Title 1 Parental Involvement Policy

 The Monaco Elementary School Title I Parent Involvement Plan was developed through the efforts of campus level administrators, faculty and staff, parents, and community members. All stakeholders believe that one of the most valuable ways to improve student academic achievement is through a collaboration process of all members of the educational community.

The Parent Involvement Plan is reviewed and revised on an annual basis by the Campus Improvement Committee and then implemented by Monaco Elementary faculty and staff to improve student academic achievement and school performance in the following ways:

1) Annually, the Title I Program including the parents’ rights to be involved are explained during a parent meeting. The Title I material is also integrated in student information packers/student handbooks at the beginning of the school year

2) Monaco Elementary School encourages parental involvement through the following:

  • Weekly communication through Tuesday folders

  • Three-week progress reports/nine week report cards

  • District website

  • Campus website

  • Grade level newsletters/teacher newsletters

  • Regular mailings

  • Volunteer Program

  • Meet the Teacher Night

  • Parent Information Night

  • Fall Parent Conferences

  • PTO Meetings

  • Family Book Fair Night

  • Student Music Performances

  • PTO Family Activities-Bingo Night, Fall Fest, etc.

  • Grandparents Day

  • Parent Volunteer Program

  • Kindergarten Roundup in the Spring

  • Career Day Program

  • Open House

  • Nine Week Huddle Celebrations

  • Nine Week Perfect Attendance Awards

  • School Year Perfect Attendance Awards

  • Honor Roll Acknowledgements

  • End of Year Awards Ceremonies

  • Kinder Walk

  • Classroom parties

  • Field Days

  • Fund Raisers

  • Box Top Program

  • ESL meetings twice a year

  • Gifted and Talented informational meeting

  • Student Support Team Meetings

  • ARD meetings

  • STAAR Informational meetings

  • New Parent Meetings

  • Phone calls/emails

  • Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Teachers are available to meet with parents on individual basis at scheduled conferences, post cards, phone calls, notes home, Student Support Team Meetings, and Special Education Conferences. Teachers are also available before and after school to tutor students or speak with parents.

3) Monaco Elementary School has an excellent volunteer program for parents to participate in their child’s education. Parents have the opportunity to sign up at the beginning of the year as well as throughout the year to participate in their child’s education. Volunteers assist with a wide variety of tasks such as: PTO, reading with students, decorating hallways, the Box Top program, faculty luncheons, Teacher Appreciation Week, copying, die cutting, lamination, and other teacher requested tasks. These volunteers do an excellent job in assisting with projects like the Aubrey Education Foundation auction, the Fun Run, fundraisers, and as well as routine tasks.

4) Monaco Elementary School Student Handbooks are available in a paper copy or on-line to parents of all MES students. The handbook is comprised of school/district policies, and in-depth information for parents as well as the school’s Title I program. The handbook is meant as a helpful resource for parents and teachers so they can provide academic support to their students.

5) Copies of the Title I Parental Involvement Plan are available for distribution to parents in the student handbook and on the website. Parents are welcome to discuss needs of their child(ren) with administration and a Needs Assessment will be used to determine needed resources, supplies, counseling, education, and parental involvement in order to support individual students at Monaco Elementary.

6) The Parent Involvement Compact that is signed annually by parents is placed in the Student Handbook for distribution. It includes the Parent/Student Agreement about the parental role in educating their child, as well as, the Teacher Agreement: what the teacher pledges to do for her/his students. After being returned with the beginning of the year paperwork, the agreement is filed in individual student folder in the office. There is also a Student Agreement regarding what the student pledges to do. It is signed by upper grade students and is also filed in the individual student files.

7) MES takes pride in the fact that efforts are made to connect parents and the school with each other. The Title I Parent Involvement Plan is to be evaluated annually. 

8) A parent representative is available to translate for parents at meetings or to translate newsletters/information for parents into Spanish.