Emergency Management

Emergency Planning Parent Guide

The Aubrey Independent School District has established emergency and safety plans for each school in the District. Each of these plans is coordinated with Police, Fire, and other officials in county or state-wide agencies. There are five general categories that the plans address. They include:

  1. Criminal offenses such as bomb threats, kidnapping, or violent behavior.

  2. Natural hazards such as severe weather or earthquakes.

  3. Environmental hazards such as exposure to hazardous materials, explosions, fires, or plane crash.

  4. Medical emergencies such as contagious disease, exposure to biohazards, and accident or terminal illness of a student, parent, or staff member.

  5. Death or suicide of a student, staff member or family member.

Severe Weather: Plan of Action

We want to assure you that Aubrey ISD takes our responsibility for students very seriously and their safety and security is our top priority. Our district continually reviews our safety and security procedures and makes adjustments when necessary. All staff members have been trained in and have practiced specific emergency plans and procedures with our students. The continued support of parents and the community is critical in this effort.

In the event of a Tornado Watch, our staff will be carefully monitoring the weather and we will take safety measures as necessary.  If you wish to check out your child in the event of a watch, you may do so.  However, in the event of a Tornado Warning where a tornado or funnel clouds have been spotted in our area, teachers will move students to safe areas and will be instructed to take cover (on knees, head on floor facing interior wall, arms covering head).  For the safety of the children, in the event that we must lockdown due to severe weather, we will not be able to check students out.  Please read the safety reunification plan attached and on the district website in the event of an emergency.

We also understand that such tragedies can create anxiety and concern for both parents and children. While it is difficult to understand or explain such tragedy, we ask for your support in providing your children with reassurances. Please know that our counselors are available to offer support to you and your children with these difficult situations.

School Closures

Aubrey ISD will use its district website, social media, mass notification system, KXAS TV NBC5 , WFAA TV News 8 and KDFW TV Fox 4 to communicate with parents when there is a school closure.   

AISD Communication Tools for Parents: 

For up to date information, statuses, and announcements like our Facebook page - Aubrey Independent School District

When there is a school closing for bad weather, emergency announcements will go out via the mass notification system.  An email, phone, and text message will be sent to parents/guardians.  Parents and guardians are automatically set up to receive these notifications through our student data system.  For this reason, it is important to notify your child’s school if your contact information changes during the year.

If no information is given from the district or media outlets, Aubrey ISD will be open to students and staff at normal times.