The district may excuse the temporary absence of a student for any reason that is acceptable to the principal or designee in accordance with district guidelines. However, the student’s excused absence will not be counted for funding purposes. Aubrey ISD accepts two parent notes per semester for an absence to be labeled as “excused.”

Regular school attendance is essential for a student to make the most of his or her education—to benefit from teacher-led and school activities, to build each day’s learning on the previous day’s, and to grow as an individual. Absences from class may result in serious disruption of a student’s mastery of the instructional materials; therefore, the student and parent should make every effort to avoid unnecessary absences.

Two state laws—one dealing with the required presence of school-aged children in school, e.g., compulsory attendance, the other with how a student’s attendance affects the award of a student’s final grade or course credit—are of special interest to students and parents.

Who Can Help Me

Compulsory Attendance Aubrey ISD has designated the following position(s) to serve in the capacity of a School

  • Attendance Officer: Assistant Principal

  • Ashley Richardson - Fuller Elementary 

  • Michelle Askew - Brockett Elementary

  • Brett Dobbs  - Monaco Elementary

  • Kevin Hamlin - Aubrey Middle School (grade 6, grade 7 last name L-Z)

  • Jude Stanley - Aubrey Middle School (grade 7 last name A-K, grade 8)

  • Pamela Foster - Aubrey High School (grades 9 & 10)

  • Erin Britain -  Aubrey High School (grades 11 & 12)