District Strategies & Tactics

STRATEGY 1: We will ensure an innovative and challenging learning environment in all classrooms PK–12. 

  • TACTIC 1: By June 2019, the AISD family will ensure teachers are prepared to provide innovative learning experiences for their students by providing training and support.

  • TACTIC 2: By September 2019, the AISD family will ensure students have opportunities to explore their own passions and interests.

  • TACTIC 3: By September 2019, the AISD family will ensure students have authentic opportunities to integrate learning with multiple disciplines and to apply their learning to the real world.

STRATEGY 2: We will ensure increased learning opportunities and choices in PK–12 to create an environment that cultivates students’ interests, gifts, skills, and academic strengths.

  • TACTIC 1By May 2018, the Aubrey ISD family will ensure implementation of programs that expand students’ interests, gifts, and skills.

  • TACTIC 2: By May 2018, the Aubrey ISD family will increase diversity of extra-curricular programs offered in the high school.

  • TACTIC 3: By May 2018, the Aubrey ISD family will support and develop the post-secondary educational and vocational/occupational goals of each student.     

  • TACTIC 4: By May 2018, the Aubrey ISD family will implement methods for students to understand and show self-awareness through a variety of learning activities.

STRATEGY 3: We will ensure appropriate facilities, resources, and training for continued growth.

  • TACTIC 1: By May 2018, each campus will create and use flexible learning spaces to empower innovation. 

  • TACTIC 2: By May 2019, each campus will provide on-going facilitation to nurture excellence in instruction and digital learning. 

  • TACTIC 3: By January 2018, implement a strategic process to proactively develop, retain, and recruit high quality personnel.

  • TACTIC 4: By August 2018, establish leadership and career development opportunities to increase the capacity for all staff to equip all students for success.

STRATEGY 4: We will foster a working partnership between the schools and community.

  • TACTIC 1: By May of 2019, ensure a district culture that celebrates the diversity of our school communities.

  • TACTIC 2: By May 2018, design a parent and community engagement plan.

  • TACTIC 3: By May 2020, community connections and relationships will be fostered that contribute to the success of all students.

Cross Country girls team photo