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Aubrey ISD Mission Statement

The mission of the Aubrey I.S.D. Chaparral family is to Inspire, Nurture and Empower all students to realize their potential and to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Student supports are core functions of Texas schools. Collectively, these functions enable students to realize their potential by preparing them to set ambitious goals, define a pathway to achievement, and successfully navigate personal and academic obstacles they encounter along the way.

Student Supports encompass a wide variety of interventions, activities and practices that schools can implement to address the non-academic needs that often pose a barrier to students' learning. This work is grounded in the understanding that educational success is directly impacted by factors both within and outside of the classroom and that the needs of the "whole child" must be met to maximize the effectiveness of academic instruction.

Student Supports recognizes that schools alone may not be equipped to address the variety and depth of students' needs and should actively partner in a coordinated and integrated manner with community providers and other resources. This may include ensuring students' basic needs are met, supporting students to feel physically and psychologically safe, and providing an array of interventions that allow students to focus on learning.

Source:  Texas Education Agency - Student Support