Child Nutrition

At Aubrey ISD, healthy available meals are important to us. All menus are subject to change.

The district contracts with ARAMARK to help meet the nutritional needs of our students.  ARAMARK is well suited to identify  and provide appropriate foods which also meet USDA requirements for nutritional standards in student meals. Our menus come directly from ARAMARK and the national/regional team who has spent months creating and assembling the menus and recipes specifically for school-age students.  The major task the team faced was meeting the federal requirements for student nutrition and what can be offered on a meal tray.

Students choosing to be served are required by USDA standards to include a fruit or vegetable on their tray at lunchtime meal service. Some guidelines for "building a meal" have remained the same as in previous years. A student may select an entree and then add their choice of milk, fruits, vegetables, and breads that are available on the line.  Students must select at least three of the five components for the tray to be considered a meal.  Whenever possible, the menu includes whole grain products as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.  A serving size for fruits and vegetables is a half a cup. Extra servings of the same component or meals containing 6 or more components will result in an additional charge.  Snack items are also made available for purchase but products available vary by campus. 

Please encourage your child to join us for breakfast and lunch!

Nutrition Requirements

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When contacting the AISD Nutrition Department, please allow 24-48 hours for us to return any missed calls. We will do our best to return any messages as soon as possible.