Telehealth Program

The Aubrey Independent School District is collaborating with Children’s HealthSM to offer school-based telehealth at all five campuses. 

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With a parent or guardian’s permission, an Aubrey ISD campus nurse will be able to use video technology to connect students with a doctor or nurse practitioner at Children’s Health. Students can be diagnosed and have prescriptions sent to a pharmacy, all without students having to leave school or parents having to leave work. 

Some conditions that may be seen through telehealth are coughs, colds, sore throats, as well as headaches, earaches, rashes and pinkeye. 

Telehealth services will be billed to the student’s insurance provider or to Medicaid. Families without insurance can also enroll in telehealth. Children’s Health will bill directly to families without insurance, and the cost will be no more than $50.  

To participate in school-based telehealth, parents or guardians must enroll their children. A new enrollment form is required every school year. Please click here to enroll today.

If your child is enrolled in School-Based Telehealth and gets sick at school:

  1. The school nurse will determine if a pediatrician visit is needed to be diagnosed, based on Telehealth guidelines.

  2. A parent will be contacted with appointment information and invited to participate by phone.

  3. An appointment will be set up with the pediatrician.

  4. The school nurse will connect the student with the pediatrician using video technology.

  5. The school nurse and the pediatrician will conduct an exam.

  6. If necessary, the pediatrician will call in a prescription to a chosen pharmacy.

  7. Children’s Health will send an after-visit summary to the parent and the primary care pediatrician to continue treatment as necessary