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  • View district news

  • View calendars

  • Receive important alerts

  • Find sport schedules

Aubrey ISD offers another channel of communication free to parents, students and staff. The Aubrey I.S.D. mobile app is a one-stop shop for everything that involves Aubrey schools. The app provides the latest news from the District and individual schools, important school and District updates, access to students' classes and grades.

Aubrey ISD places all the information that parents, staff and students need in one place. 

Features Include: 

  • Receive district and campus alerts with push notifications

  • Look up important dates on the District-wide calendar

  • Parent log-in to access grades, class information and attendance

  • Connect with social media services

  • Quick access to menus 

How to Download the Aubrey I.S.D. App

Download from iTunes

Download from Google Play

  1. You can also search "Aubrey I.S.D."

  2. Select download

  3. After the app is installed select "Open"

  4. The app is now downloaded

Set Up Your Notifications, News and Calendar Feeds 

  • After downloading the app, you will be promoted to "Set Up" your settings. You will be asked to select the campuses you wish to follow. You will automatically default to District communications.

  • Once you selected the campuses you want to follow, the News feed and Calendar feeds will provide you with information from those campuses and the District.

  • You will also received push notifications from the District and campuses you selected.

  • When you are in the Calendar, Notifications, or News Stream, you can always change your settings by going to the wheel or grid in the upper right and then checking off what information you do or do not want to receive. 

Getting Started

The Aubrey ISD mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets). Once the app has been loaded on your device, open it and you will see Aubrey ISD's top stories from the website. You can click on the top stories and then swipe to view them. Under the top stories are three information modules: Calendar, Student Info and Notifications. Swipe to the left to see more modules.

Frequently Asked Questions