Accuplacer/TSI scores will document that you are college ready and will meet one part of the enrollment process for dual credit courses. 

College Readiness Benchmarks 

ELAR: A score in the range of 945–990 on the ELAR CRC Test and a score of at least 5 on the Essay Test or an ELAR CRC Test score below 945 and an ELAR Diagnostic Test score of 5 or 6 and an Essay Test score of 5 or higher.

Mathematics: A score in the range of 950–990 on the Mathematics CRC Test or a Mathematics CRC Test score below 950 and a Mathematics Diagnostic Test score of 6. 

You can find the TSI Registration Instructions across from the admin office on green paper. Registration for testing has moved online-  Please contact Ms. Donna Lincoln, AHS Testing Coordinator if you need assistance. My office is located inside the AHS Library-Room A125. There are 3 sections: ELAR, Essay (as part of the ELAR) and Mathematics. The cost is $15.00 ($5.00 per section).

**Any student wanting to take dual credit in the 2022-2023 school year should sign up to take the TSI early***

You can also register to take the TSI on the TWU campus on Saturday.  Go to:  to register & pay online. The cost is $45.00.


  • November 1, 2022 and November 3, 2022- Juniors Only (Free-All Juniors Required to Test)

  • February 21, 2023 and February 23, 2023- Sophomores Only (Free-All Sophomores Required to Test)

  • March 9, 2023 - Open to all grades

Register & Pay for the test (Don’t wait until the deadline! Completion of the Online Google Registration Form and Payment reserves a computer for you to test!) If you want to take Dual Credit (college) classes next year, don’t wait until the last date to take the test!  Click Here to go to the registration form. Click Here to make payment.


  1. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA); print a copy of your completion and hand it to the test administrator on your scheduled test date. Go to: to complete the PAA.  (You will be asked to create an account if you do not already have one. Please use a personal email, not your school email, for this activity.) If you do not have your PAA copy on test day, you will not be allowed to test and need to reschedule.

  2. Click HERE to register for TSIA 2.0

  3. You must have a photo ID or proper form of identification (school ID or Driver’s License) to enter the testing room. Don’t wait until the test day to get this ready! If you have questions, email Donna Lincoln at 

  4. You will report to the Library no later than 7:45 AM for admission to the testing room.

  5. The tests are untimed. You can work until the end of the school day.   You will be allowed to take your regular lunch break and then return to the testing room.  Restroom breaks will be provided, as needed.

  6. You may have a pencil or pen! Scratch paper will be provided for you.

  7. You may NOT have a phone, calculator, or dictionary.

  8. There is an online calculator within the program for your use.

  9. If you choose to distract others who are testing, you will be removed from the testing rooms without a refund.

  10. You may have a bottle of water and a “clean” snack. (IE: No Cheetos!)

  11. If you are absent on test day, it becomes your responsibility to contact Mrs. Lincoln about rescheduling the test date. You are not automatically placed in the next session.  There are no refunds.