Online Registration FAQs

Online Registration for Aubrey ISD students in grades Kinder-12th grade opens on April 12, 2023.
Click this link to go to the ParentPortal website to log in or create a new account.

When Can I Can Enroll My Student Online?
Families will not be able to register their students for the 2023-24 school year until Wednesday, April 12.

Why Don't I Get a Completion Message?
When you have finished registration, you will not see a completion message – this is an issue still being worked on. If you are missing information, your campus front office will contact you.

Why is Registration Online?
We switched to an on-line platform and believe this will be easiest for families.  

What if I Have a Returning Student and Don't Have a Parent Portal Account?
Please email your name, phone number, student’s name and campus to one of the following:

Is my Child New or Returning?
If your child has been enrolled in Aubrey ISD before, they are a returning student. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, but have a returning student, you need to call your campus for a student ID number. You will need this number to link your account to your student's account. Please do not create a new student unless your student is new to the District. 

If your student was a previous student at Aubrey ISD but was not a student during the 2022-23 school year, please contact the campus before you enroll your student.

Is My Child a Transfer Student?
Families residing outside of the Aubrey ISD attendance zones attend Aubrey ISD are transfer students or nonresident students.

Families can complete a transfer application if they are interested in having their children enrolled at Aubrey ISD. Space is limited and transfer decisions will not be made until August. All non-employee elementary transfer students will attend Fuller Elementary.

New transfers cannot register online unless they have been approved and have completed the transfer paperwork. Approved transfer renewals (students who are attending this school year) can complete the registration. A student who moved out of the district during the school year will need to complete a transfer application.

Approved transfer renewals (students who were approved to attend and are enrolled during 2022-23) can then complete the online registration.

View transfer information.

What if I Have Multiple Children? Do I have to log in twice?
If you have an existing account, you should see all your children listed when you log in. You will need to verify each student. If you have any changes, you will have to make them on all accounts. 

What if I Have an Address Change? Do I Have to Change it Multiple Times?
If you have an address change and have multiple children, you will have to change the address in each student's account. 

What Browsers Support ASCENDER ParentPortal?
ASCENDER ParentPortal is sensitive to browsers. Please use Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome when using ParentPortal. Please also update your browser to the latest version. We have found Google Chrome is the best browser to use. Microsoft Edge will not let you upload documents. 

What if I Have a New Email?
The email address associated with ParentPortal account must also be entered on the student's Contact tab for alerts to function; parents must verify their email address on the My Accounts page. 

Can I Use my Phone to Register?
It is preferrable to use a laptop or desktop to register. You may run into issues with uploading documents when using a phone to register. 

I Registered My Child for the 2023-24 School Year. Why Has the Grade Level Not Changed?
Since the student information system has not rolled over yet, your student's grade level is listed from the 2022-23 school year. This will not affect the registration for this year. 

What if I Still Have Questions?
Please email your name, phone number, student’s name, student's campus and question to one of the following:

I Have a Senior Graduating in 2023. Why is Their Information Still Listed?
If a family has a senior that is graduating in May 2023, your child's information is still visible. Our school information system has not rolled over yet, so please ignore the resumed registration message for your graduated senior.