AP Exams


All AP students, whether they plan to take the AP exam or not, should join their AP teacher's online AP classroom in myap.collegeboard.org using the six-digit code their teacher provided for them. 

  1. If you plan on taking the AP exam, you must do 2 more steps:

    1. Go to bit.ly/AHSap2023 and register to take the exam

    2. Go to MySchoolBucks and make payment

  2. Cost for the exam(s) is $97 unless you qualify for assistance based on Free/Reduced Lunch. In that case, exams are $35)

  3. Deadline to register AND pay is Friday, October 7th. If you decide AFTER October 7th, there is an additional $40 fee tagged onto the original $97 (or $35). 

  4. If you register for the exam, pay for the exam, but decide that you do not want to take the exam after October 7th, you can be refunded all but a $40 retainer fee. 

NOTE: The extra fees are incurred by College Board, not Aubrey ISD.