Off-Campus P.E.

The following basic requirements have been established by the Aubrey Independent School District and the Texas Education Agency. In order for participation to be granted, AISD will follow the guidelines set by the law as stated in Texas Administrative Code (TAC 74 Subchapter B). These requirements must be met and maintained to be eligible for participation in the program.

1. The purpose of the program is to accommodate high school students who are making a serious effort to develop high level capabilities and to allow them to be involved in an Off Campus P.E. (OCPE) program that provides training exceeding that offered in the school district.

2. OCPE programs will be approved for only those students who have been strongly recommended by qualified instructors.

3. Only those students in grades nine through twelve will be eligible for consideration for the OCPE program.

4. Only those students involved in the activities of SWIMMING, DANCE, BALLET, GYMNASTICS, EQUESTRIAN, TENNIS, and GOLF will be considered for the OCPE program. Others (by application) will be considered by the program directors.

5. Student applying for OCPE will be considered under two categories: Category One: These programs typically involve a minimum of 15 hours per week of highly intense, professionally supervised training leading to Olympic caliber performance. The training facility, instructors, and the activities involved in the program are certified by the superintendent to be of exceptional quality. Students qualifying at this level may be dismissed from school no more than one period per day for participation. Students many not miss any class other than physical education. Students participating at this level may receive a maximum of one-half credit per semester. Category Two: These programs are to be of high quality, well supervised by appropriately trained instructors and consisting of a minimum of 5 hours per week. Students certified to participate at this level MAY NOT be dismissed from any part of the regular school day. Students participating at this level may receive a maximum of one-half credit per semester.

6. Students who are participating in the OCPE program for physical education credit MAY NOT BE ENROLLED IN ANOTHER PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS, ATHLETICS, or BAND.

7. As in all classes, students must meet the 90% attendance rule to earn credit and must follow compulsory attendance laws.

8. Only practice hours may count towards the state required time. Game days and competitions will not count toward the total weekly participation hours.

9. Students participating in Category I activities may be dismissed from only first or last period class.

10. The student and the agency are responsible for showing accountability of skill development, learned physical activity, health concepts, and social development through participation in their selected physical activity.

11. .Students must continue to go to their Agency and do alternative learning activities even if he/she is injured. A doctor’s note must be given to the instructor with details describing what the student can and cannot do and when full participation is expected.

12. The records concerning attendance, grades, records of competition, contest results, etc. must be fully completed and forwarded to the program director by the appropriate due date.

13. The instructor will be required to report a numerical grade at the conclusion of each school grading period. In addition, a detail grading criteria must be provided to the OCPE director.

14. The instructor must constantly observe and evaluate the student’s attitude, work habits and progress. If at any time the student fails to maintain this high level of performance, the instructor will be expected to contact the program director and withdraw his recommendation. The student will no longer be considered eligible for the OCPE program.

15. The OCPE Director will deduct points for grades turned in late. 5 points per day will automatically be taken from the student’s grade.

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