Attendance Zone Meetings graphics with dates and locations and photo of superintendent Dr. Shannon Saylor

Join Aubrey ISD Superintendent Dr. Shannon Saylor for a series of attendance zone meetings.

Attendance Zone Meetings location details

Proposed Administrative Considerations:

1. Campus Capacities - Brockett Elementary School was built in 1986 and the building has a smaller capacity than our other three elementary schools. Once capacity is reached in a grade level, all new Brockett-zoned students will be zoned and transported to Elementary School #4.

2. Aubrey ISD students can attend Elementary School #4, if space permits, by completing an intradistrict transfer application. Approved students may remain at the campus through fifth grade if the student continues to meet the transfer rules and regulations by completing the Request to Remain form with the campus principal annually. Additionally, students can opt to return to their zoned campus, excluding Brockett Elementary School, if space is available.

3. Fifth grade students for the 2024-2025 school year who may have their attendance zones impacted by the new attendance map will be permitted to remain at his/her current (2023-2024) campus. Siblings of 2024-2025 fifth graders will attend their zoned campus.

4. Students who are intradistrict transfers (students who are residents of Aubrey ISD but attend an elementary school outside their residence zone due to space limitations at the time of their enrollment at their home campus) will be allowed to remain at the campus to which they transferred by completing a Request to Remain form with the campus principal. If they would like to return to their home campus, they will be afforded that opportunity if space is available, excluding Brockett Elementary School.

See map below of the proposed elementary school attendance boundaries for Aubrey ISD:

Map of proposed attendance boundaries

Aubrey ISD families are encouraged to attend these meetings to hear directly from Aubrey ISD Superintendent Dr. Shannon Saylor and provide input on the proposed modifications to attendance boundaries.