Parental Involvement Plan

Updated June 2021 

Aubrey Independent School District 
District Parental Involvement Plan 


The mission of the Aubrey ISD Chaparral Family is to inspire, nurture, and  empower all students to realize their potential and to succeed in an ever-changing  world. The district’s parent involvement plan is designed to ensure our district  parents are involved as knowledgeable partners in this endeavor. We believe the  education programs in AISD are most effective if parents/legal guardians and  educators work together to create a true partnership for the purpose of providing  quality and excellence in learning and participation for all students. 

The purpose of the Aubrey ISD parent involvement plan is to remain in  compliance with the legal requirements for Title I federal funding and in  accordance with AISD’s policy for the educational success of students in the  district. 

What is ParentalInvolvement? 

Parental involvement means the participation of parents in regular, two-way, and  meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school  activities including ensuring 

  1. That parents play an integral role in assisting with their children’s learning b. That parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s  education at home and at school 

  2. That parents are full partners in their children’s education and are included,  as appropriate, in decision-making and are on advisory committees to assist in the education of their children 

Parent Involvement in Developing Policy 

The Site-Based Decision-Making Committee (SBDM) at each campus is  comprised of parents, members of the community, educators, and the campus

principal. This committee will discuss the design and implementation of the Parent  Involvement Policy. Each campus welcomes volunteers and parent participation  from a diverse parent population and one or more parents on the advisory committee will have children participating in a Title 1 program. The advisory committee will convene at a time and place convenient to all its members. 

Additionally, Aubrey ISD understands that the parental involvement policy is a  part of the district and campus improvement plans. The advisory committee will  also provide input regarding the development and revision of the district and/or  campus improvement plan. Parents of student in all grade levels will be included  in a variety of coordinated and comprehensive activities that encourage parent  involvement. The activities will vary according to the grade levels served on each  campus; however, the goal at every campus is to increase parent involvement  which will in turn bring about higher student achievement. 

Implementation of District-wide Title I Parental Involvement 

  1. A district-wide meeting will take place each year that is designed to explain  Title I, Part A to district parents. The goal is to review the Parental  Involvement Plan annually and revise it as needed. The district will post the  plan electronically, and provide an opportunity for parents to offer feedback  and suggestions. 

  2. The district will engage parent involvement early on with early development  programs like Early Childhood Services (ECS). We will also encourage  schools to form PTO’s and other parent groups to respond to issues and  provide parents with current information regarding school policies and  practices. As well, schools will be required to provide parents with current  information regarding school performance data. 

  3. Aubrey ISD will provide assistance to parents with understanding the  following topics: state content standards, such as the State of Texas  Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®); academic assessments used to measure student progress such as benchmarks, TPRI, and SRA which are all tools for monitoring their child’s academic progress. 

  4. In order to build Aubrey ISD’s ability to improve parental involvement and  assist parents in understanding the decisions made regarding their child’s  education, the district will provide parents with the following tools: course  descriptions that explain courses offered, given an opportunity to review

tests that are used to measure student progress, regular progress reports,  report cards, and technological systems (Parent Portal), and frequent  communication opportunities with teachers through email, phone, and  parent-teacher conferences. 

  1. Aubrey ISD, with the involvement of parents, conducts an annual evaluation  of the content and effectiveness of the District Title I Parental Involvement  Policy with regard to: 

--improving the academic quality of the Title I, Part A schools --identifying barriers to greater participation by parents in activities of Title I, Part A school authorized by section 1118, giving particular attention  to parents who: 

  • Are economically disadvantaged 

  • Are disabled 

  • Have limited English proficiency 

  • Have limited literacy 

  • Are of any racial or ethnic minority background 

District personnel and parents will evaluate the parental involvement  activities and the Parental Involvement Policy. The committee will use the  findings of such evaluation and recommendations in designing strategies for  more effective parental involvement, and revising if necessary. 

  • Aubrey ISD will involve parents in the activities of Title I, Part A schools. Timely communication and inviting and family-friendly atmosphere will  enhance parent involvement in the activities of the Title 1, Part A  participating schools. Parents will receive information in a language they  can understand that will detail the activities of the school, and will be asked  to participate. Schools may use communications strategies such as personal  contact, newsletters, notes sent home with the students, email, parent portal,  and school website to invite parents to participate in the school’s activities.  Whenever possible, childcare and language interpreters will be provided.  Parents and community members are always welcome at our schools. By  working together and making suggestions to improve our schools, we can  make all the students in our schools successful learners.